Evaluation of the effect of spinal manipulation in upper limb spasticity post stroke.


  • Flavia Mariana Valente
  • Rafaela Arroyo Lupino
  • Clarissa Ramirez
  • Cristiane Bonvicine


Muscle spasticity, Cerebrovascular accident, Spinal Manipulation.


Introduction: Cerebral Vascular Accident is the third leading cause of death and the leading cause of neurological disability in adults with hemiplegic and spasticity is the most prevalent motor dysfunction, with consequent impairment
of muscle strength and joint range of motion. Objective: To evaluate the immediate effect techniques of spinal manipulation in upper limb spasticity after cerebral vascular accident. Method: Participants were six patients included in
both groups: group A, submitted to the application of the techniques of spinal manipulation and group B, control. The
order of participation of patients was randomized and performed on alternate weeks. In both groups, participants were
evaluated for spasticity by Modified Ashworth Scale, immediately before and after a given intervention. Results: The
results did not permit an inference about the acute effects of spinal manipulation on spasticity , however, can be observed in the study group was reduced in 50% of cases with increased tone, while in the control group, 30 % cases
had increased tone reduction , and if increased. There was increased tone in two cases which were previously normal.
Conclusion: The immediate evaluation of the effect of spinal manipulation in patients with spasticity got reduced muscle tone, however, on the number of participants and changes in reducing and also from increased tone in the control
group , it is not possible assignment of the obtained effects only the techniques applied , thus being further studies
with larger samples and other methods of assessment needed .


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