Assessment of Heart Rate Variability in Fibromyalgia after Micro-physiotherapy.


  • Adriano Pinto Pereira
  • Eluciene Maria dos Santos Carvalho
  • Ivo Ilvan Kerppers
  • Meiriélly Furmann
  • Juliana Aparecida Wosch Pires
  • Larissa Gulogurski Ribeiro
  • Marcos Paulo Polowei Rolão
  • Afonso Shiguemi Inoue Salgado


Fibromyalgia; micro-physiotherapy; heart rate variability


  Introduction: Fibromyalgia syndrome is characterized by musculo-skeletal pain. Heart rate variability (HRV) is a versatile and promising non-invasive marker of the autonomous nervous system. Micro-physiotherapy involves manual physiotherapy that seeks to identify the primary cause of a disease or symptom and to stimulate self-healing, in
which the body recognizes the aggressor (antigen) and begins the elimination process, through cellular and tissue reprogramming. Method: The sample was composed by 15 individuals, aged between 35 and 40 years, with fibromyalgia. The Nerve Express method was used to assess the variability of the heart rate. Two sessions of micro-physiotherapy were conducted using global methods, with an interval of 45 days between sessions. Results: Based on the
HRV results, the high frequency band was confirmed at p=0.203, with the low frequency recording a statistically significant value of p=0.001, thereby demonstrating sympathetic activity. Upon comparison of the mean heartbeat before and after treatment, a value of p=0.0006 was obtained. A value of p=0.049 was recorded in the analysis of the
median R-R interval values. Conclusion: The use of micro-physiotherapy as a treatment method for fibromyalgia effectively improved the lives of patients by promoting sympathicotonia. 


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Pereira, A. P., Carvalho, E. M. dos S., Kerppers, I. I., Furmann, M., Pires, J. A. W., Ribeiro, L. G., … Salgado, A. S. I. (2014). Assessment of Heart Rate Variability in Fibromyalgia after Micro-physiotherapy. Manual Therapy, Posturology & Rehabilitation Journal, 1–5. Retrieved from



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