Effects of pilates method in low back pain


  • Thalita dos Santos Rodrigues
  • Jefferson Quaresma de Oliveira
  • Ludmilla Karen Brandão Lima Matos


Low back pain; Physical therapy modalities; Flexibility, Quality of life.


Introduction: Back pain is all pain conditions, located in the lower back, between the last rib and the gluteal fold.
The main goal of Pilates is to strengthen the center of the body, improving spinal stabilization. Objective: This study
aimed to examining the effects of Pilates on low back pain, checking their effect on low back pain, using a visual analog
pain scale, assess the quality of life through the Quality of Life Questionnaire - WHOQOL Bref and measure flexibility
by Test FINGER-FLOOR. Method: This study was submitted to the ethics committee of a private college in Teresina, PI
(no. 18441813.0.0000.5211). The sample was not random type, consisting of six participants with low back pain. They
were assessed before and after treatment by means of an evaluation form (age, weight, height, BMI, visual analog pain
scale - EVA Test and finger-floor) and the Quality of Life Questionnaire - WHOQOL Bref. 10 individual sessions were
conducted with the Pilates method, often two weekly visits lasting one hour each. Data were analyzed using parametric
test “t” test, with significance level of p ≤ 0.05. Results: The results showed that treatment significantly reduced
pain, with p = 0. 0048. Regarding quality of life, we can observe significant improvements in the Physical Domain
with p = 0.0288, and p = Psychological Domain. 0.0477. Already in Social Domains, Domain Environment and overall
quality of life, the results were not significant with p = 0.2894, p = 0.6357 and p = 0.0830, respectively. Flexibility in
the analysis of observed significant improvement, with p = 0.0039. Conclusion: Therefore, the Pilates Method can be
an effective treatment option in the treatment of lumbago, acting globally.


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