Physical therapy in the treatment of body aesthetics dysfunctions - literature review.


  • Jane Guiname Mota Silva
  • Eduardo Filoni
  • Fátima Faní Fitz


Localized Fat. Skin Laxity. Body Contouring. Cellulite. Physical Therapy.


Introduction: The aesthetic disorders, such as skin laxity, localized fat and cellulite, are common complaints among
the population in general. The physiotherapy provides techniques for treatment of these dysfunctions noninvasively.
Objective: To review the physical therapy techniques used to treat the body dysfunction aesthetic through a literature review. Method: It was performed a literature review of studies published between September/1997 and October/2013, in Portuguese or English, in the Scielo, PEDro, Pubmed, Lilacs e Medline database. Results: A total of 1.165
articles were found. Of these, 37 were potentially eligible after reading the title and summary, and a total of 11 studies were included. The studies addressed some techniques like radiofrequency, combination of bipolar radiofrequency,
infrared, vacuum and mechanical massage (Velashape), ultrasound of high intensity focused, cellulite cream, mechanical massage, lymphatic drainage and tissue manipulation, ultrasound of low intensity, and cryolipolysis. Conclusion: We conclude that the physical therapy techniques are effectives, safe and well tolerated by patients in the treatment of localized fat. They help to sculpt the body and to reduce cellulite. However, it is necessary to perform randomized controlled trials, with larger sample size, since the majority of the included studies are prospective and retrospective clinical trials


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